The absence of Fathers!

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It’s tough being a man in the 21st century. Men are struggling with this manhood question. A lot of men are very slow in admiring that they need help. That’s a common male problem. 99% of the men reading this have perhaps never been told by their father “I Love U”, “you make me proud “or “you’ve done we’ll. Having a father in the house doesn’t mean he’s fathering you!

This is why 92% of all problems to Society are related to the absence of a male. Rather it’s boys with guns or drugs, young women with baby’s, school dropouts, prisons filled with young men all related to the absence of a father in the house.

Men, know your position in a relationship. Know your position in the lives of your children. Make sure that even if the relationship doesn’t workout with your wife that you will always be there for your children.

Source: The principles of Fatherhood – Myles Munroe

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